About StickerShopee.com


People behind StickerShopee.com are young and vibrant aged between 18 and 26. We are online freaks; we buy things often from online. We just though “Even we buy almost all products online why can’t we sell” that’s our first thought for this project..

After one year of deep online research we came to know that it’s not easy to sell products online because people who buy doesn’t know who we are and how we are and will they ship their product or not.

So we started as a seller on Ebay.in as “PhoenixCreatorsIndia” and “Phoenix_Creators”. Since two years we got more than 444 feedbacks and 100% positive feedback (for verification call +91 84 38 38 3888 or click here) and sold more than 4000 wall stickers thus earned a big trust form all of our customers and it set a base for our dream project..

After earning trust from our customers we wanted to recognize them by selling Wall Stickers at a lowest cost. As sellers we can’t sell our products at lowest price so, we planned to manufacture it. .

Now we are happy to claim our self as

  • India’s 1st Manufacturers of Wall Stickers and Wall Decals
  • India’s 1st unique e-Commerce website for Wall Stickers providing custom options
  • India’s 1st e-Commerce website owned by teens and self owners
  • India’s 1st e-Commerce website developed, designed and executed by teens and self owners
  • India’s only e-Commerce website selling at lowest price, highest quality and good customer support


Our Team

We are a team of teens

Ashik - CEO
Hi!, Plan, Work & Execution is my passion. Work, work work are the three principles of me.

Anees - Customers Support @ Sales
Customer is my GOD who feeds me up through my incentives. If I make any customer unhappy I will not be feed for one day!

Santosh - Production Head
I have no ways to be lazy because I am the very responsible person in our team. Work & Worship is my pass time. If a machine stops and I should start running.

Sandeep - HR Advisory
Oldest person in our team; giving 100 worst and 2 best advices; but worth able for a cup of coffee;

Ershad - Business Administration
Highly educated person in our team doing less work in our office; A very big fan of Chota Bheem

Nagappan - Research & Development
Trusted, good human being; but having bad friends.

Angika - IT Admin (Web Developer)
Technically technical person in our team doing head rolling job ever.